Relax and rejuvenate as you visit our spa level with its 11 private treatment rooms for aesthetics and massage therapy, separate men’s and women’s locker rooms with infrared saunas, and a waiting /relaxation sanctuary.
For your convenience our facilities feature elevators and restrooms on each level.  We also offer medical insurance and motor vehicle accident billing.  Please call for a consultation.
All of our providers are independent contractors.  The prices below are starting at prices and may vary per provider.




Relaxation Massage

Classic Swedish Massage techniques improve circulation and
reduce muscle tension while relieving aches and pains.

30 Minutes | 60 Minutes | 90 Minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

This Massage focuses on techniques that use deeper pressure to target areas of concern Basalt stones are heated and used to massage the body.
and penetrates underlying muscle & tissue structures.

60 Minutes | 90 Minutes

Hot Stone Massage

Basalt stones are heated and used to massage the body.
The deep penetrating heat of the stones melt away tension.

60 Minutes | 90 Minutes 

LaStone Therapy

Alternating between hot basalt stones and chilled marble stones provides for a relaxing, yet refreshing experience.

60 Minutes | 90 Minutes 

Pre/Postnatal Massage

Special attention is given to ease discomfort of the
ever-changing expectant body. 

  Relaxation Pre/Postnatal Massage 30 Minutes | 60 Minutes | 90 Minutes 

  Custom Pre/Postnatal Massage 30 Minutes | 60 Minutes  | 90 Minutes 

Custom Massage

This is a restorative massage needed after extreme stress, injury, surgery or trauma.  Applies to multiple modalities including deep tissue, sports and  neuromuscular among others to meet your recovery needs.

 60 Minutes | 90 Minutes 

Couples Massage (seasonal only)

Please contact Sara Allen at 541-971-7960 for information about this service.

 Relax together while each receives a complete therapeutic massage in perfect synchronization.  

60 Minutes | 90 minutes | 120 Minutes 

Medical Massage

Done with the intent of improving prescribed medical conditions or pathologies.  Sara Allen currently offers Medical Massage and direct insurance billing for clients who have been in an auto accident.  Please contact Sara directly at 541-971-7960 to schedule a consultation.

60 Minutes $180

Foot Bliss

Herbal hot soak with hot stones, sugar scrub, and massage for your feet and calves in our Relaxation Lounge.

60 Minutes

Please Note: prices may vary depending on service provider.  Please verify price when booking your service.  Menu and pricing are subject to change.

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